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multiple BAN command [new]

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1multiple BAN command [new] Empty multiple BAN command [new] on Mon Apr 30, 2012 2:55 pm


Information manager
Dear miggers,

mig33 has released a new banning command: /ban [username1] [username2] [username3] [username4] [username5] [reason]

This command enables Global Admins, Chat Room owners and moderators to ban multiple users in one command.

To specify the time period of which a user is banned, the command /ban [username] [time] [reason] can be used.

This will result in the mentioned user being banned from the Chat Roomfor [time] hours. The minimum value for [time] is 1 hour, and maximum value is 24 hours. If no [time] is specified, the user will be banned permanently until the banner uses “ /unban “.

However, the banned users should still be able to login to mig33 and use other features such as the Miniblog, groups, gifts, avatar etc.


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