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Admin from Bangladesh-2013

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1Admin from Bangladesh-2013 Empty Admin from Bangladesh-2013 on Wed Jan 23, 2013 3:47 pm


Information manager
at last mig33 has got admins from Bangladesh. After about 3 years mig33 team has selected 6 new Bangladeshi admins. If you look over the first image of mig33 , admins from bangladesh were selected in the first batch of admins. Here is the list of six newbie BD admins.

Like a Star @ heaven cyber.saint

Like a Star @ heaven fighter_of_1971

Like a Star @ heaven snowydreamgirl

Like a Star @ heaven chera_dip_bd

Like a Star @ heaven pure_perfection_

Like a Star @ heaven av3ntador

But these usernames are the 2nd usernames of them. The mig team has promoted them with these IDs for their life safety ! thanks guys and congratulations the new BD admins .
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