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Moderating commands of group Admins [new]

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1Moderating commands of group Admins [new] Empty Moderating commands of group Admins [new] on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:32 pm


Information manager
Group Admins.....!!

New feature for mig33 group Admins. Yes, mig33 has brought a exciting commands. This commands or features are only for group Admins . Group Admins now can promote , demote and check moderator list just by 3 simple commands. Lets see them.

/mod [username] use this command for promote or make moderator anybody in any linked chat room of the very group where you are the Admin .

/unmod [username] use this command to demote anyone from group moderating. You must have to use the command in a linked chat room of your group .

/mod list this command is for checking group moderator list .

NOTE : these commands are only for the group admins & a admin can promote/demote a person who would be a member of the group

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