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Smart Machi (pintar machi) [new game]

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1Smart Machi (pintar machi) [new game] Empty Smart Machi (pintar machi) [new game] on Tue Oct 04, 2011 5:49 am


Information manager
Attention, mig33ers!

Prof Machi is losing his memory!
He used to be very smart, but now he can’t even remember whohe is!

How is he going to face a final national test in Machi University?

Prof Machi needs YOU to help him answer the questions in his final test – a collection of common knowledge questions with multiple choice answers.

Answer questions in Smart Machi (Pintar Machi) to get points, and beat other players by having the highest score by the end the week.

As a form of gratitude, the weekly smartest player will be rewarded by Prof Machi in the form of migCredits!

So what you are waiting for?

Log in to mig33 to play now! Put your knowledge to the test in Smart Machi (Pintar Machi) !
How do I play the game?

1) Go to “Official Smart Machi (Pintar Machi) Group”

2) Click “Play Smart Machi(Pintar Machi) now”!

Note: This is only availablefor the mig33 version 4.2 and above.

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